Our family farm is located in Marybrook, slightly south of Vasse in the Margaret River region of WA.

Our flock of Babydoll lambs, are traditionally bred from heritage Southdowns.  Small in statue but mighty in flavour, we’re incredibly proud of the award winning meat we produce.  Our lambs are 100% grass fed, grass finished and grain free and butchered to our specifications which is what gives it such good flavour.

Farming without compromising the health and wellbeing of our flock and the land on which they roam is the essence behind the incredible quality and melt in your mouth texture of our lamb.

Our small mobs graze to their hearts content on vineyards across the Margaret River region; giving them access to a diverse and nutritionally rich diet of grasses.   Careful rotation with the help of our farm dogs ensures no overgrazing and a continuous food supply.

Selling our meat in select gourmet stores, at farmers markets and farm direct to our loyal customers gives us immense pleasure; regaling farming tales and cooking tips for the different cuts of lamb, even better when they come back and share their own.


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