Black Perigord truffles (tuber melanosporum) are now grown locally: no need to go to France, nor even to Manjimup!
Our Truffle orchard is the very first producer of this intriguing fungus within the Capes region. The brainchild of Guy Anderson, the project derived from his search for “something interesting to do” on our small farm north east of Margaret River.
Initially our harvest was shared with just a few of our talented and supportive local chefs and now our truffles are shipped worldwide. Our orchard has now reached a level of production where we are confident in our ability to supply a quality product throughout the truffle season, so we are seeking to share this amazing fungus with our local market.
We are regulars at the Margaret River Farmer’s Market during truffle season, which spans from June through to August. Look out for the 2022 season when, by popular request, in addition to fresh truffle we shall be offering some gourmet products containing our black truffle.
Add a little luxury to your next meal and “tip in some truffle”.
It doesn’t have to be complicated: just grate some over your favourite risotto dish, micro-shave over your steak or grate and stir into your scrambled eggs just before serving……your taste buds will thank you!