Okei Produce


Product Description

After a chef apprenticeship in Perth and working in my 20’s in kitchens abroad, I thought to take the chefs work ethic and drive and pursue a vocation that didn’t make me look like I was suffering from anaemia.

In 2021, I decided to move to Margaret River permanently after landing a job with Wayfinder Wines who, attached to their organic vineyard, also had a market garden program. After learning some of the basics and getting some confidence, I decided to embark on my own, with the freedom to grow what I wanted and to support myself.

My hurdle was that I didn’t have land. After knocking on a few neighbouring farms in Osmington in search of land, I managed to strike it with the Carrick family down the road from where I live, who gave me a slice of a paddock they don’t use and have let me at it since.

For most of the year I will be growing a variety of asian greens, kales, broccolis, with guest appearances of other interesting veg.