Leuca Creek Water Lillies

Leuca Creek Water Lillies


Product Description

Martin and Kathy are a local husband and wife team who have grown Waterlily and Lotus flowers for the cut flower market for fifteen years on their farm in Metricup WA.

Leuca Creek is the only dedicated Waterlily and Lotus Flower farm in Australia.

We also supply plants of the varieties that we grow for you to grow in your home pond.

Waterlily flowers and plants are available from October through to June.

Hardy waterlilies flower from October to April and Tropical waterlilies flower from December to the end of June.

Lotus flower buds and seed pods are available from December to March

Lotus plants are available from November to February.

We don’t have the facilities on our farm to be formally open to the public, but anyone is welcome to come and buy plants or flowers by appointment only.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy your flowers at their best.

Waterlilies should be kept in water at ALL times

Use long-stemmed vases or cut the stems to fit the height of the vase using a sharp knife.

Waterlily stems dry out quickly if left out of water. To prevent this always keep each flower up to its neck in water.

The stems can grow up to an inch over a day in the vase so each morning they will need to be cut back to the vase height.

Otherwise, they will grow up out of the vase and bend as they dry. Your flowers won’t last long if this happens.

These are all Day-blooming waterlilies and need lots of light. Flowers open in the morning in response to light and close at dusk.

If they struggle to open in the morning, place them in a brighter spot but not in a window as they heat will wilt them.

If looked after this way waterlily flowers should give you a week of pleasure once they open from their buds.