Margaret River Free Range Eggs

Margaret River Free Range Eggs


Product Description

We believe that everything a hen does affects her, and the egg she lays. Our girls can forage in the sunshine everyday for grass and other goodies.

Their feed is a mixture of crushed grains that is free from hormones and antibiotics. Yolk colour is natural, derived from grass, carrots, marigolds, capsicum and pure unadulterated sunshine.

At Margaret River Free Range Eggs we continually strive to improve our business and the welfare of the hens.

For that we have been recognised with numerous industry awards, but most importantly by you, our customers choosing our eggs.

Eggs are nature’s wonder food and naturally good for you. Our eggs are goodness naturally.

Margaret River Free Range Chorizo is the only free range chicken in Australia!

Chorizo is Spanish for sausage and although here in Australia you may be used to a pork or beef variety you will be amazed at the beautiful flavour a free range chicken can bring to this culinary icon.

You can eat it as is in salads or antipasti or heat gently to enhance its flavour. Adding our chorizo to any cooking such as pasta or rice will bring out its smoky garlic and paprika flavours.

Available at the Farmers Market, Blue Ginger or IGA in Margaret River and Herdsman Fresh Essentials, Fresh Provisions and most Super IGA’s in Perth.