The Pancake Bar

The Pancake Bar


Product Description

The Pancake BarPoffertjes (Dutch pancakes) & Crêpes (sweet & savoury)
Don’t worry about how to pronounce Poffertjes correctly – just order “the Dutch little pancakes“. Fluffy and puffy, Poffertjes are a national speciality in the Netherlands which can also be found in the Northern part of Germany, our home region. Freshly baked and served with butter and a generous amount of icing sugar, they are offered all around as street food, on festivals and markets.
With The Pancake Bar, we settled in the Margaret River region about ten years ago by offering a whole range of pancake variations. You can go for our savoury crêpes that come in classical combinations or in vegetarian ones. Try our sweet crêpes or the Poffertjes and their different toppings. The crêpes are also available as buckwheat crêpes (Galettes) which are gluten-free.
We make all our batter ourselves, exclusively using free-range eggs. All our food is freshly made, contains fresh products and is cooked on the spot for you, combining products of the Margaret River region with a taste of Europe.

Business: The Pancake Bar – Poffertjes (Dutch pancakes) & Crepes (sweet & savoury)

Owners: Matthias Opatz & Carola >Meyer-Opatz