Windows Estate


Product Description

We are Chris, Jo, Lucas & Violette Davies, a young Western Australian family, grape growers and artisan wine producers. We strive to create wines of uncompromising quality and with a true sense of place, and we take great pride in traditionally processing our wines by hand all the way from the grape to the bottle. We are a small producer, with only six hectares under vine and only using that which we grow.

From the onset the ultimate goal was to produce truly unique wines of outstanding quality. We are firm believers in growing good wine, rather than making it in the winery, and of letting the terroir and the grapes speak for themselves. A formally trained viticulturist, the vineyard has always been Chris’ true passion. Not willing to compromise the health of the vineyard, the state of his treasured vines and ultimately the quality of the fruit they give us, he decided at a very young age never to cut corners in the vineyard. Consequently, Chris has worked the vineyard completely on his own from day one, which is the only way to meet the high standards he sets for himself. Our little vineyard is where he spends the vast majority of his time; he knows it like the back of his own hand. No stranger to hard physical labour he hand-prunes every single one of the vines himself, year after year. Apart from the very day the grapes are harvested no one else is ever allowed to touch his vines.

We hope you’ll enjoy the fruits of our work, and we look forward to sharing our story with you as it continues…

Chris, Jo, Lucas & Violette Davies